Pacific Cigars is a Lemont, Illinois based manufacturer and distributor of premium, hand-rolled, long-filler cigars.  The company, established in 1990, has a presence both here and in the Philippines and has expanded into the Dominican Republic.  Pacific Cigar Company's founder, Dennis Egan, began a mission in revolutionizing the cigar industry. The results of his guidance and direction have achieved his goal of delivering the most discriminating cigar aficionado a fine cigar that excels all others in taste, construction and quality.

Our goal, from day one, was to challenge the means and methods of making and packaging cigars for the purpose of creating a cigar like no other.

From our Special Reserve Series to our Pacific Panatelas, the full line of Pacific Cigars are produced from the finest cigar tobacco grown in the preeminent tobacco regions of the world.  With tobaccos from the Philippines, Indonesia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Pacific Cigars utilizes only the finest filler, binder and wrappers to create a unique and pleasurable smoking experience unparalleled in the world of cigars today.

To accomplish this task, Pacific Cigars has implemented a research program to bring to the customer a cigar with "fresh as the day it was rolled" technology.  Through our patented processes and o-ring, vacuum-sealed PET plastic tubes, we have the ability to establish the cigar moisture content the same day it was rolled.  This insures you, the customer, a cigar that is truly a remarkable smoking experience.  The net result of our research and development has rewarded us with a smooth, pesticide and ammonia free cigar that allows for maintenance free, long-term shelf life.

Due to these innovative advances in manufacturing cigars, Pacific Cigars is only one of three manufacturers authorized to supply cigars to the United States military worldwide.  We proudly supply our troops at home and abroad, wherever they may be serving our nation's needs.

Through an exclusive licensing agreement under Pacific Cigars patents, other manufacturers in the market are using our processes today.  Pacific Cigars is never satisfied with its successes and continually searches for new and improved ways to be able to meet  the needs and requests of our most discriminating customers.